Monday, May 10, 2010

Aiding Literacy

I recently stumbled upon The Literacy Site Store. This site allows visitors to purchase jewelry, clothing, gardening, kitchen goods, etc. to benefit literacy.

The site also gives people the chance to fund literacy directly!

For $20 you can send two girls to school in Afghanistan.

For $10 you can give books to U.S. children in need.

For $24 you can pay a teacher's salary in Darfur.

For $50 you can liberate a girl in western Nepal from indentured servitude, and give her the chance to earn an education.

For $100 you can heat a classroom for the entire winter.

For $1 you can contribute to children's literacy

......and the list continues!

You can make a donation or buy something that's really unique and beautiful.
Either way, you can make a difference.

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